Consumer Reports Compare Dishwashers

When it comes to deciding what to buy and where to buy it, consumer reports can be the most important asset you have when it comes time to buy a dishwasher.

A dishwasher too many is now considered an essential piece of equipment in many homes, as it can save valuable time on boring and repetitive chores even though there is obviously a financial price to be paid for that.

In the United States, for instance, the number of families owning a dishwasher increased consistently over the twenty year period 1995-2015, and the trend looks set to continue for a long time.

Dishwashers are now heavily featured in consumer report magazines as they are becoming a part of an increasing number of kitchens. These consumer reports and ratings tables are great for you, a potential dishwasher buyer, as they contain the results of actual tests which have been carried out on different models, using the same testing equipment.

If the benchmarks are showing that one machine outscores another, that is simply because that is what occurred in the test. There is no means by which anyone could falsify the results or create an artificial ending which would unfairly favor a specific machine.

When you are shopping for dishwashers, consumer reports and independent buyer reviews are your greatest assets. The consumer magazines which are published on the Internet are able to give you live real time data of the performance of competing machines in different categories.

This will usually include the time taken to clean and dry a set number of dirty dishes, the fuel, water, and detergent which needs to be used to achieve this result, and the noise which the machine makes while it is carrying out this task.

These numbers should be used as the first point of reference when you have a buying choice to make.

Efficient Dishwashers

If you look closely at the consumer reports, dishwashers will always be displayed with a prominent energy rating.

This only emphasizes the importance of energy efficiency in the eyes of both the buying public, and the governmental authorities.

It is often possible to qualify for an Energy Star rebate, if you are buying a new energy efficient model to replace a less efficient older one.

Apart from the obvious environmental considerations, there is a need among most buyers to save money on an ongoing basis by keeping expenses to a minimum. Energy efficiency remains one of the most important categories for people choosing dishwashers.

In many cases, it is possible to compare dishwashers directly, as they have the same or similar features. This is true in the areas for which the benchmark tests are applied. In other categories, there may be individual features which are unique to one model or a range of machines.

These will escape comparison in the tables, but can still be considered when the machines are analyzed at the end to see which one should be bought. There are dishwashers which have hidden controls, which have unique drawer design to allow for easier separation, and which are capable of steam cleaning before the main cycle commences.

Dishwasher Ratings

By reading the consumer reports dishwashers can be eliminated from your consideration, as they will either not have the features you need, or they will under perform in the tests compared to other machines of a similar price point.

A short list can be developed which will help you to cut down the time taken to make the final choice.

The last part of the choosing process should involve close examination of the buyer reviews which can be found on the large Internet retail sites. These provide the perfect complement to dishwasher consumer reports.

Author: Marc Knox

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